Tertium Millennium Crucifix

The words ‘tertium millennium’ refer to the 3rd millennium after Christ.  It is derived from Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic letter entitled “Tertio Millennio Adveniente”, which proclaimed a jubilee year (Holy Year) for Christians worldwide in 2000 AD (Anno Domine). The tertium millennium crucifix is meant to express God’s eternity. It represents the belief that “Jesus Christ is the same forever”, and speaks of His church’s mission to carry on the work of Christ. The Jubilee is a celebration of His redeeming Incarnation as the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

The Tertium Millennium Crucifix is also associated with a celebration of martyrdom. The etymology of the word ‘martyrdom’ derives from ‘witness’ and praises the belief that Christ suffered and died for us. Pope John Paul II in his letter emphasised the role of these witnesses in the Church and carefully described martyrdom in some of his sayings. He lauded martyrdom as the deepest proof of a faith that gives people power in times of doubt or terrible suffering.


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