Church of St Ignatius

It was a joyous occasion when the church was blessed and declared formally opened on 12th February 1961 by Archbishop Michael Olçomendy.

Church of St Mary of the Angels

St Mary of the Angels began as a small nameless hilltop chapel for the friars. Adjoining the Franciscan Sociological Centre, it was dedicated by Archbishop Michael Olçomendy in 1958.

Blessed Sacrament Church

Following this, after many more fundraising efforts, the community rejoiced when Archbishop Michael Olçomendy blessed and declared open the Blessed Sacrament Church on 8th May 1965.

Church of St Francis of Assisi

Father Thomas’ dream came true when Catholics from both chapels were brought together as one at The Church of St Francis of Assisi when it was officially blessed and opened on 11th Dec 1976.