Singapore Bedok Chong Hwa Public School Seal


This seal was donated by the Church of Saint Peter and Paul. It is a trapezoidal wooden Chinese seal with square base, with its two corners are slightly worn.  The carved words on its face, when translated into English, read “Singapore Bedok Chong Hwa Public School”.

This Chinese school was located at 655 Kok Sek Lim Road, off Upper Changi Road. It was founded by Mr Francis Lim Cher Kheng in 1946, alongside Father Chen Xi Liang (Chairman of School board from 1949 to 1969), and Father Edward Becheras. Fr Becheras was also the founder and first Supervisor of Catholic High School.

Mr Francis Lim Cher Kheng was involved in politics in the 1950s. He was elected a legislative assemblyman and participated in the negotiations for Singapore’s independence from Britain. After retiring from politics in 1959, he became a successful businessman in the 1970s.

Father Noel Goh was Chairman of the School Board in 1971 at the time the school’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations. He was also the Parish Priest of St Peter & Paul in 1976, which is probably how the seal ended up at the church.

Donated by Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Cat: Ecclesiastical/Seals                                                                                            

Ref: 2016.03/4/SPP-A18/R1-S2