Our Catholic Histories . . . memories of Fathers Antoon Schotte and LoiusFossion from parishioners of Church of the Holy Spirit

My family and I have been connected with the Church of the Holy Spirit since the 1950’s when we came to live at Thomson Ridge. We got to know both Fathers Schotte and Fossion quite well.

In particular, Father Fossion celebrated my wedding and baptised my two children. He became part of our family and through the years attended all our wedding anniversary celebrations. He was always very happy whenever my mother cooked some special food for him, but he was really a man of very simple tastes – bread and Milo were his standard fare. Even now his influence can be seen through the generations – my grandchildren like to eat Milo and bread before they go to sleep.

Thank you Fathers Schotte and Fossion for your blessings and precious memories

Contributed by : Helena Tan


Photos shows Fr Fossion . . .

More memories . . .  photos donated by a parishioner whose child was baptised by Father Fossion

With Father Fossion (squatting, far right) during a church retreat at Port Dickson.
Left to right: Bernadette Chan (standing), Angela Tan & brother Ivan (sitting on wall), unknown Catechist, flanked by unknown children.


Parishioner Teresa James also remembers Fr Fossion

Remembering our Catholic family histories with Father Antoon Schotte and Fr Louis Fossion. . .  photos donated by Mrs Juliana Cheng

Teresa James shares some treasured memories of Fr Schotte

From Church of Holy Spirit parishioner Angela Tan’s album of childhood memories . . .