Metal Standing Crucifix


Ornate metal standing crucifix on triangular base. 26.5 cm (H) x 7.25 (W). IHS symbol behind Christ’s head. The IHS symbol is a “Christogram”, and is an ancient way of writing the word “Jesus Christ”. The IHS comes from the first 3 letters of Jesus’ name in Greek, ΙΗΣ, with the Greek Σ represented in the Roman alphabet by S. Fleur-de-lys (“flower of lily”) trifurcated upper arms. From antiquity, the fleur-de-lys has been a symbol of purity and has thus been adopted by the Church as a symbol of the Virgin Mary. As the fleur-de-lys is composed of three petals and three sepals it also symbolises the Trinity. The top vertical arm of cross welded on. Crack visible from behind on corner between top vertical and left arms. Metal screw, bolt and plate beneath base are rusty.

Donated by Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Cat: Liturgical/Crosses                                                                                                 

Ref: 2016.03/012/SPP/R1-S3