Hand-painted icon of Christ the Teacher

This painting is done in the style of the Byzantine art on a block of light wood and embellished with gold-leaf.

Byzantine art was developed from the arts of the Roman Empire. It was created mainly for the Eastern Orthodox church. This art style was highly influenced by ancient Greek and Egyptian art, and mostly concerned with religious expression. One of the most profound Byzantine art characteristics was the translation of church theology into artistic forms such as sculptures, mosaics and paintings. The art style is chiefly ecclesiastical, and highly formal with the use of rich sumptuous tones. Its figures were also mostly elongated, and located front and centre. Another distinct characteristic of the Byzantine art style was the use of gold as the background or highlights.


Donated by Church of Saints Peter and Paul.


Cat: Art & Antiques                                                                                             

Ref: 2016.03/219/SPP-A17/R1-S2