Ceramic Holy Water Dispenser

Ceramic holy water dispenser with the Latin words “Do Domine Virtutem Manibus Meis” which means “Give, Lord, Holiness To My Hands”. In polychrome overglaze which is slightly cracked. Metal tap is loose and rusted, and lid is missing. 25.5cm (L) x 25.5ccm (H) x 13cm (B).

Holy water is used for blessing for three reasons: As a sign of repentance of sin; For protection from evil; and As a reminder of our Baptism

The old prayer for the blessing of holy water reads: “O God, creator of unconquered power, King of invincible empire and victor evergreat: who put down the powers of hostile dominion and conquer the fury of the roaring enemy, who fight powerfully against our wicked foes: trembling we beseech you, O Lord, we implore you and beg you: that you might graciously look upon this creature of water and salt, kindly illumine it, sanctify it with the dew of your loving kindness, so that wherever it is sprinkled, through the invocation of your holy Name, every infestation of the unclean spirit be cast out, and the terror of the poisonous serpent be driven far away. And may the presence of the Holy Spirit deign to be with us always, we who implore your mercy.”


Donated by Church of St Teresa.

Cat: Ecclesiastical/Holy Water                                                                                 

Ref: 2016.12/A32/STC-1E/R5-S2