Catholic Bible Association (Mandarin-Speaking)

Catholic Chinese Bible Association-mass-for-church-in-china

Mass for the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, held on 24 May 2014.

The Singapore Catholic Chinese Bible Association was started by a retiree named Chen Tian Rang and his wife Huang Rui Rong in 1975.  After Mr Chen passed on in 1979, the group continued to pursue Mr Chen’s will in promoting Bible reading.  On 6th May 1979, Singapore Catholic Chinese Bible Association was established with the blessing of then-Archbishop Gregory Yong.  Fr. Paul Tong was appointed as the first Spiritual Director of the Association while Mr. Zheng Quan Hui was the first Chairman. During that time, both Archbishop Gregory Yong and the Most Reverend Carlo M. J. Van Melckebeke had donated generously to the Association. The fund was largely used by the Association to purchase bibles and to sell them at a discounted price to members, so as to promote bible reading.

The Association later began to organize Bible classes, seminars and other spiritual activities in order to help its Catholic community study the Word and live the Catholic faith with devotion. Since 1979, the Association has grown to include bible study groups from all over Singapore. At present, it has 36 Bible study groups with 530 members.

Chinese translation:



新加坡天主教华文圣经协会 鼓励个人,家庭及集体读经,通过圣经课程,讲座及灵修活动,协助他们勤读圣言,善度教友生活,成己成人。目前协会共有36个读经小组,组员约530人。

The information for this article was provided courtesy of Anthony Wong of the Singapore Catholic Chinese Bible Association and edited for clarity and brevity. Their website can be accessed at