Bishop Edouard Gasnier

Bishop E. Gasnier

Bishop E. Gasnier

Bishop Edouard Gasnier was born in Angers, France on 4 May 1833. As a student, he was known to be industrious and virtuous. After leaving college at the end of 1852, he went to the seminary in Angers. On 4 January 1855, he entered the Paris Foreign Missions seminary. He was known to be an outstanding aspirant, strong in his devotion and piousness. He was ordained a priest on 6 June 1857. On 19 July, he departed for his mission in Mysore, India. He served in places like an orphanage for indigenous boys and also ran schools. He was known to be fluent in English, Canarese Konkani and Tamil. During his ministry, he also served in places like Ganjam, Bangalore and Settihalli.

While serving as the parish priest of St Patrick’s Church and as a military chaplain for the British soldiers in Bangalore, he was appointed Bishop of Eucarpia and Vicar Apostolic of the Malacca Peninsula. He was appointed to these responsibilities on 28 March 1878. On 2 June 1878, he was ordained a Bishop in St Patrick’s Church in Bangalore. In 1881, he returned to France with the urgent wish to find Christian educators to teach children and the youth. For this reason, he even travelled twice to London. This project was strongly supported by the Pope. In making these trips, Bishop Gasnier’s health worsened. In one of his journeys, he was so ill that he even had to disembark at Port Said, Egypt.

In 1888, Bishop Gasnier became the Bishop of Malacca, while residing in Singapore.

Bishop Gasnier passed away on 8 April 1896. His funeral, held on 10 April 1896, was attended by the governor and consular corps. He was buried in front of the main altar of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.